Real Value

Invest real estate and valuable assets world-wide easily. InVar Finance support investor accumulate wealth, help business to grow by using blockchain technology in a transparent and efficiency way.


Explore the Benefits from RWA Tokenization

InVaria2222 is a RWA-based, tokenization world with the goal of constructing connections between real-world and digital economies. In addition, InVaria2222 is positioned as an experiment flagship of InVar Finance

In InVaria, there are vast opportunities to invest in fascinating properties that you may never have had a chance to invest in before! Get rid of annoying procedures, start accumulate your wealth by owning your first REAL NFT!

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How It Works

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Do KYC First

Connect wallet and complete identity verification to access RWA tokenization investment opportunities.


Mint NFT by using USDC stablecoin. NFT is stored in your wallet, can be held, sold, traded, or even redeemed after specific time.

Finance & Investment

The minting cost is transferred to fiat for financing/investing in the underlying asset, which is overseen by accredited parties and us.

Hold, Sell or Redeem

Hold-to-Earn, or you can sell it on the open market, or redeem it when it expires. It’s your NFT, so you decide!

Trust-Minimized Model to
Foster Crypto Mass Adoption

InVaria aiming to build open-platform and tokenization infrastructure for RWA owners and investors. We bring tokenized RWAs become strong backstop to decentralized economy.


Real value with trust-minimized model. InVaria support fractionalized RWAs NFT issuance through on-chain and off-chain coordination to protect the interest of investors.