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InVaria 2222 is a RWA-based, tokenization world with the goal of constructing connections between real-world and digital economies. In addition, InVaria 2222 is positioned as an experiment flagship of InVar Finance. Inside InVaria, a huge amount of opportunity and wealth are waiting for humanity to find out and enjoy; no one knows the whole picture of this world…

In phase one, a group of InVariants will build a tokenized real estate model first, then… the story and journey begin…


Trust-Minimized Model to Foster a Better Crypto World

InVaria aiming to build open-platform and tokenization infrastructure for RWA owners, and bring tokenized RWAs become strong backstop to decentralized economy.

Real value with trust-minimized model - InVaria issued fractionalized RWAs NFT through on-chain and off-chain coordination to protect the interest of investors.


As the tempo of iteration in crypto market characteristics, technology and industry framework as well, InVar team dislike to over-promise and fail to deliver our plans. However, we truly have pre-organized milestones to achieve, the mindmap, and we don’t want to keep it secret but are willing to share with sincerity.

Phase One - APR. ~ DEC. 2022

Experiment / Exploration

Crypto is all about experiment and exploration. InVar aim to build first feasible project through tokenization of RWAs.

  • Launch InVaria 2222 - The Worldview and Storyline of InVar
  • Release First Real Estate Fractionalization NFT
  • Develop NFT Staking Mechanism
  • Develop Utilities Type of NFT
Phase Two - NOV. 2022 ~ MAY. 2023

Diversification / Segmentation

Dive deep to think more about feedback and benefits that can bring to early adopters, replicate the successful model and develop exciting products.

  • Launch InVariant - An PFP & Pass NFT
  • Release Hybrid Finance Concept
  • Release More Real Estate Fractionalization NFT or other RWA NFT
May. 2023 ~


InVaria 2222 is the foundation also the digital world of InVar. Building solid infrastructure and value backstop to construct a hybrid finance ecosystem is a reasonable, indispensable move.

  • InVar Integration


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