The First Luxury Property from 2015

Amwaj20 (Amwaj Islands, Bahrain)

Asset Type

Real Estate

Estimate Return (APR)



Available / Tokenized Value (USDC)

$20,000,000 / $20,000,000

Amwaj20 is a deluxe type of service apartment which built in Amwaj Island in 2015. Amwaj Islands are a group of man-made islands, located in the Persian Gulf to the northeast of Bahrain, near the coast of Muharraq island. They lie 10.5 km (6.5 mi) northeast of the capital, Manama.

The islands have a unique character, dominated by the clear azure waters and the active life that it encourages its residents to have. The balance of residential, commercial, and leisure living has succeeded in making Amwaj Islands properties a favorite option among professional expatriate residents of Bahrain.

The height of sophisticated style and modern elegance, Amwaj20 offers state of the art new accommodation, services and facilities. Located in the heart of Amwaj Islands, the property is within walking distance from the famous Amwaj Marina and the Amwaj Lagoon. It is only a few minutes drive from Bahrain International Airport and is conveniently accessible to both leisure and business districts of Manama.

Amwaj20's 94 apartments are designed with an eye for detail and equipped with deluxe amenities for ultimate comfort and convenience. The property comprises 20 floors and is leased in its entirety to Gulf Air BSC (c) for its staff till now (2022).

Financial Information

Market Value ($)

$38,000,000 USD

Tokenized Value ($)

$20,000,000 USD

Rental Income / Year ($)

$2,500,000 USD

Expected Income (%)

12% *≈ (Rental Income - Costs) / Tokenized Value

Special Features

Prime Location

Strategically located near new island with high proximity to hospital and airport

Defensive Sector

Positioned for steady growth with increasing popularity and social activities

Solid Market

Leased to state-owned enterprise and favorable market conditions



Mannai Group


FlowBay Property Management, Bitlnno Property WLL


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